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First person in idaho to wear one baby.

First person in idaho to wear one baby.

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If I tell my future kids only one thing, it will be to never schedule a class at seven am.

As George Washington said, “Victory or death.” All in or all out. Putting your toes in the water isn’t swimming. If you want to swim, you gotta jump.

Ok. I had a conversation today with someone and it sparked a rant. If you need something, help with something, if you need money for rent, help doing the dishes, someone to talk to cuz life is tough, whatever, ASK FOR HELP. If you feel ashamed or are embarassed or dont want to be a burden, I dont care, throw that garbage out the window. Everyone around you has needed help, asked for help, begged for help, been offered help, accepted help. I’m sure they put in work but they didnt just show up in a good place, people helped them. If no one is offering, ASK. Hell, make a Facebook post, text your friends, and if no one helps because they have superficial excuses, ask me I’ll help, then delete the other people and go find some good people. End rant.

The only pain I got time for is the pain imma be putting on fools who don’t know what time it is. - Terry Tate

Taylor Mali - Totally like whatever, you know on Def Jam Poetry

A must watch for our generation


Light Foot Militia in Idaho

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You can’t die of a broken heart. Love without limitations.

Country swing like you haven't seen it before